What is social media?

So, What is social media?

Social media is a new way to use the web that comes with it’s own language. The people who are using it say things like adding a friend, tweeting, leaving a comment and they often say things like “facebook me”  or “tweet me”. You can “talk” to people publicly or privately, you can listen, you can join into conversations with people you know and with complete strangers.  Much of the country is involved on a daily basis. They talk about anything and everything, including you, your brand and the products that you sell.

Whatever your business makes or sells, there is a group of people talking about it in a social network. And, sometimes the conversation is a complaint about the service they received (or didn’t receive).

If you are a Doctor, REALTOR®, Lawyer, Accountant or other service provider, you can bet that your clients or potential clients are chatting with their social sphere about their need for your services long before they actually make the appointment.

You can take a look at what I’ve said here and think “How interesting” or “So what?”, but the bottom line is simple.  Ignore social media marketing at your own peril because mainstream America is surely using it on a daily basis.

Watch the video for an amusing look at how communication between advertisers and consumers has changed.

The good news is that you can engage the consumer of your products or services in ways that are much more cost effective than the old ways.  The better news, is that the new methods are much more effective too.

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