Why Social Media is right for you!

I can hear you now…”My business is different, we don’t talk to customers the way the guy in the video did”  or maybe you are thinking “Why should I listen to SMMinteractive?  You are obviously trying to sell me something.”

Well, you are right.  I do want to sell  my services to you, but I think that you have a right to question whether or not I am speaking truthfully to you.  So, let me share a blog post from Web.com that reports on a recent survey: http://forum.web.com/study-shows-social-does-drive-sales/.  This post give you a succinct synopsis of a survey done by Vision Critical.  You can read that report here: http://www.visioncritical.com/sites/default/files/whitepaper-social-to-sale_2.pdf

Take a few minutes and go read the report.  If you aren’t convinced that Social Media Marketing can help you grow your business, then no need to come back here.  But if you can see the wisdom in slashing an advertising budget in favor of using new methods that actually work, come on back and check out my Services and Pricing page.

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